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NameMain expertiseDetails
Neufeld, EricAIProfile
Nouaouria, NabilaArtificial IntelligenceProfile
Orchard, JeffComputational neuroscienceProfile
Othmani, ImedArtificial Intelligence and AnalyticsProfile
Peyton, LiamModel-driven data integrationProfile
Popowich, FredNatural LanguageProfile
Poullis, CharalambosComputer VisionProfile
Poupart, PascalMachine learningProfile
Prieto, AngelIndustrial Instrumentation & Process ControlProfile
Rudzicz, FrankNatural Language ProcessingProfile



2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards

 AI 2018
31st Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence


8-11 May 2018, Toronto, Ontario



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