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AI Expert Directory

NameMain expertiseDetails
Morris, AlexisAmbient IntelligenceProfile
Mouhoub, MalekTemporal ReasoningProfile
Muise, ChristianPlanning and SchedulingProfile
Mylopoulos, JohnInformation ModellingProfile
Neufeld, EricAIProfile
Orchard, JeffComputational neuroscienceProfile
Peyton, LiamModel-driven data integrationProfile
Popowich, FredNatural LanguageProfile
Poullis, CharalambosComputer VisionProfile
Poupart, PascalMachine learningProfile
Rangrej, JagadishData ScienceProfile
Rudzicz, FrankNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Sadaoui, SamiraMachine LearningProfile
Sayyad-Shirabad, Jelber Text AnalysisProfile
Schaeffer, JonathanProfile
Scharbach, DavidAI StrategyProfile
Schulte, OliverMachine LearningProfile
Silver, DanielMachine LearningProfile
Sokolova, MarinaText Data MiningProfile
Song, FeiStatistical methods for Information RetrievalProfile


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2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards


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12-15 May 2020, Ottawa, Ontario



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