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NameMain expertiseDetails
Kobti, ZiadIntelligent Decision Support SystemProfile
Kosseim, LeilaNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Langlais, PhilippeNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Lapalme, GuyNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Lee, WonSookComputer GraphicsProfile
Levesque, HectorCognitive Robotics Profile
Leyton-Brown, KevinArtificial IntelligenceProfile
Lin, DekangNatural Language Processing Profile
Loggia, FerdinandoOil and Gas, Smart CitiesProfile
Mackworth, AlanConstraint-Based agentProfile



2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards

 AI 2018
31st Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence


8-11 May 2018, Toronto, Ontario



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