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AI Expert Directory

NameMain expertiseDetails
Tran, ThomasTrust and Reputation ModelingProfile
Trappenberg, ThomasComputational NeuroscienceProfile
Trudel, AndreProfile
van Beek, PeterConstraint programmingProfile
Vergara, VictorSupply Chain ManagementProfile
Wang, HaiData MiningProfile
Wang, ShengruiPattern RecognitionProfile
Wang, XinAlgorithms and protocol of mobileProfile
Wen, DunweiMachine LearningProfile
Witte, ReneNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Wu, FangXiangArtificial Intelligence, machine learningProfile
Xiang, YangMulti-Agent SystemsProfile
Yaici, WahibaRenewables and integrated energy systems, hybrid energy systems, energy storageProfile
Yang, ZijiangRisk ManagementProfile
Zaman, ANKData PrivacyProfile
Zhang, HaiyiImage and Video RecognitionProfile
Zhu, HaibinMulti-agent systemsProfile
Zilles, SandraMachine LearningProfile


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