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AI Expert Directory

NameMain expertiseDetails
Barbosa, DenilsonNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Chen, HenryApplications to ManufacturingProfile
Chiu, DavidPattern analysisProfile
Davari, KiaDeep Learning EngineerProfile
Davies, JimCognitive ScienceProfile
de Lasa, MartinComputer GraphicsProfile
Drummond, ChrisMachine LearningProfile
El Emam, KhaledHealth data anonymizationProfile
Faddoul, JocelyneLogicsProfile
Familia, RinaExpert SystemsProfile
Fan, GaojianPlanningProfile
Farzindar, AtefehNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Fedoruk, AlanMulti-Agent SystemsProfile
Fleming, MichaelMulti-Agent SystemsProfile
Galila, AhmedMachine LearningProfile
Ghazizadeh, GashinMachine LearningProfile
Glikstein, RafaelNeuroradiologyProfile
Golan , RobertRough SetsProfile


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2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards


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12-15 May 2020, Online



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