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Expert profile — Profil d'expert

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Dunwei Wen
Primary area of expertise
Machine Learning
Secondary area of expertise
Natural Language Processing
Other areas of expertise
Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Text and Data Mining
Short biographical note
My overall research goal is to advance the theory and technology of machine learning and inference, for solving problems in processing and understanding the content of natural language and image data, which play a key role in data analytics and knowledge discovery applications.

My current research program aims to develop statistical learning methods, especially those capable of capturing structural relations and prior knowledge, for enhancing semantic analysis of natural language text and images, such as semantic role labeling, topic modeling and semantic disambiguation, and apply them to automated question answering, text analytics and image recognition in various knowledge-intensive educational, industrial and medical information systems.

My research interests include the following fields relating to Artificial Intelligence:

Machine Learning and Inference,
Natural Language Processing,
Data, Text and Image Analysis,
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems.

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34th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence

25 May to 28 May 2021, Vancouver (online)



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