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Welcome to CAIAC!

CAIAC is the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association.


Formerly known as the Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence (or Société canadienne pour l'étude de l'intelligence par ordinateur), CAIAC's mission is to foster excellence and leadership in research, development and education in Canada's artificial intelligence community by facilitating the exchange of knowledge through various media and venues. CAIAC is the official arm of the AAAI in Canada. We are proud to note that Dr. Alan Mackworth, former President of the AAAI, was a founding member of our society.


A yearly membership of $30 buys you a significant saving on registration for the annual AI/GI/CRV/IS conference and access to valuable information at this web site such as: Competition Dates and Links, Research Groups and Projects, Recent Doctoral / Masters Theses, Projects looking for Students, Students looking for Projects, Funding Sources, Scholarships and Awards, and Job Opportunities.

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Recent articles

2015 AI Masters Thesis Award Nomination

This award concerns outstanding MSc theses completed in a Canadian University during 2014 in the field of Artificial Intelligence (please see note 1 below).

2015 AI Doctoral Dissertation Award Nomination

The Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association/L’Association pour l'Intelligence Artificielle au Canada (CAIAC) is happy to announce its sixth AI Doctoral Dissertation Award

2014 University of Regina Alumni Association Awards for Excellence

CAIAC is pleased to announce that the recipients of the Spring 2014 Alumni Association Awards for Excellence included Dr. Cory Butz, who received the University of Regina Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Teaching. Widely noted amongst his students as an accessible and engaging teacher, Cory Butz works to provide an inspiring learning environment for everyone in his class, demonstrating his skill as a dynamic and flexible instructor.

The first edition of the CAIAC Herald is out!

CAIAC now has an official newsletter, The CAIAC Herald, available on our  website.

In this issue, our guest of honour is David Poole of the University of British Columbia. In this edition, the Herald will also feature an article introducing the members of CAIAC’s executive committee and explain their roles. We will also list the new developments at CAIAC and those that we are planning and currently working on. Moreover, we will list all the upcoming events.