CAIAC Fellows

A CAIAC Fellow is an eminent member of the Canadian AI community, i.e., someone recognized as a leader in any area of AI within the Canadian AI community. CAIAC Fellows are appointed for life; they occasionally advise the CAIAC Executive on issues including adjudication of awards, selection of conference chairs, and special initiatives of the association.

Current Fellows (in alphabetical order)

  • Peter van Beek, University of Waterloo (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 2019)
  • Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal (CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2018)
  • Robin Cohen, University of Waterloo (CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2018)
  • Howard Hamilton, University of Regina (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 2009)
  • Geoffrey Hinton, University of Toronto (CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2018)
  • Graeme Hirst, University of Toronto (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 2008, CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2017)
  • Guy Lapalme, Université de Montreal (CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2011)
  • Hector Levesque, University of Toronto  (CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2012)
  • Alan Mackworth, University of British Columbia (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 1994, CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2010)
  • Stan Matwin, University of Ottawa (Distinguished Service Award 2010)
  • Gord McCalla, University of Saskatchewan (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 2000)
  • Robert Mercer, University of Western Ontario (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 2012)
  • John Mylopoulos, University of Toronto (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 1992)
  • David Poole, University of British Columbia (CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2013)
  • Fred Popowich, Simon  Fraser University (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 2017)
  • Daniel (Danny) Silver, Acadia University (CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 2016)
  • Richard Sutton, University of Alberta (CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2018)
  • Jonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta (CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award 2008)

In Memoriam

  • Nick Cercone, York University (1946 - 2015, CAIAC Distinguished Service Award 1996, CAIAC  Lifetime Achievement Award 2015)