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Christian Muise
Primary area of expertise
Planning and Scheduling
Secondary area of expertise
Multi-Agent Systems
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Short biographical note
I am an Assistant Professor at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada. I completed my PhD under the supervision of Professors Sheila McIlraith and J. Christopher Beck in the area of Automated Planning, with the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group at the University of Toronto. Following my PhD, I was a post-doc for two years with the University of Melbourne's Agentlab studying techniques for multi-agent planning with a project on human-agent collaboration, and then subsequently a Research Fellow with the MERS group at MIT's CSAIL. Just prior to joining Queen's I was a Research Staff Member for two years at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

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34th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence

25 May to 28 May 2021, Vancouver (online)



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