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Fred Popowich
Primary area of expertise
Natural Language
Secondary area of expertise
Intelligent Systems
Short biographical note
Dr. Popowich conducts his research through the Natural Language Laboratory at Simon Fraser University, where he supervises both MSc and PhD students in Computing Science.

His research is concerned with how computers can be used to process human language, either to make it easier for human beings to interact with computers, or to make it easier for human beings to interact with each other. As such, he has been concerned with how knowledge about language and the world can be represented, maintained, and even learned by computers. Typical real world applications of this research include “smart homes”, the automatic translation of language, tools to assist people in learning language, and technology to help people search and manage the information contained on computer systems and networks.

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2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards


33rd Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence

13-15 May 2020, Ottawa, Ontario



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