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Dmitry Gorodnichy
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Video Analytic
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Face Recognition
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Dmitry O. Gorodnichy is a Senior Research Scientist and a founding Leader of the Video Surveillance and Biometrics section at the Science and Engineering Directorate of the Canada Border Services Agency, also Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa and the Université du Québec's École de Technologie Supérieure..
Prior to his employment with the agency, he worked for eight years with National Research Council of Canada, where he was involved in vision-based robotic arm tracking for the Canadarm, and where he established and led the Video Recognition Systems project.
Current interests are in evaluation and development of Video Analytic (VA) and Face Recognition in Video (FRiV) technologies for border security applications - in collaboration with University of Ottawa's TAMALE and VIVA labs, the École de Technologie Supérieure's LIVIA lab, under the PROVET-IT(VA) and PROVE-IT(FRiV) projects funded by the Defence Research and Development Canada's Center for Security Science.
Other contributions to science and technology include:
Nouse® (Nose as Mouse) hands-free computer-user interface, available for download at www.nouse.ca - in partnership with Bruyère Continuing Care and University of Ottawa's Faculty of Health Sciences .
Detection and recognition of pianist hands and fingers - in partnership with University of Ottawa's Piano Pedagogy Lab .