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Froduald Kabanza
Champ d'expertise principal
Behaviour planning
Autres champs d'expertise
lan, intent, and activity recognition from observations
Note biographique
Froduald Kabanza is a full professor in the department of computer science at the Université de Sherbrooke. His research concerns artificial intelligence (AI), decision support systems, planning and control, self-reconfigurable systems, autonomous systems, and coordination techniques in multi-agent systems. He has led various successful research projects on these topics. He is currently developing AI-based software to train medical students on clinical diagnosis, software to train astronauts on robot manipulation for the Canadian Space Agency, software to support the optimal prescription of antibiotics in hospitals, tools for implementing autonomous decision capabilities aboard spacecrafts, and tools for automated planning of space missions. He is co-author of the TLPLAN planning algorithm, which is an algorithm for making autonomous goal-driven decisions. This algorithm is highly referenced in the area of artificial intelligence and has inspired various developments.

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2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards


33e Conférence canadienne sur l'intelligence artificielle

12-15 mai 2020, Ottawa, Ontario



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