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Robert Mercer
Champ d'expertise principal
Knowledge Representation
Autres champs d'expertise
Logics for Reasoning, Natural Language Understanding
Note biographique
In cognitive science and machine intelligence, it is sometimes useful to bring the techniques of one discipline to bear on another. In the study of natural language systems, for example, computer models and data structures have supported knowledge representation in terms of syntax, semantics and prag- matics. The cross-fertilising effect of paradigms is a favourite theme of Mercer's. A special project in this area treats the thorny problem of generating the assumptions behind a speech act as a problem in knowledge representation. Default logic, originally developed to formalise various aspects of common sense reasoning, plays a role here. It might even lead to question-answering systems that work.

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2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards


33e Conférence canadienne sur l'intelligence artificielle

12-15 mai 2020, Ottawa, Ontario



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