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Gord McCalla
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Gord has been involved in artificial intelligence (AI) research for over 25 years, with a primary focus in two main areas: artificial intelligence in education and user modelling. He has worked on systems to support the learning of programming, including the G.E.N.I.U.S. system, various systems under the rubric of the SCENT project, and the PETAL system. He has also experimentally investigated basic issues in student modelling, instructional planning, and tutorial dialogue. He is currently working on systems that support peer collaboration in workplace and post-secondary training environments, a robust cliche-based reverse engineering tool, an AI-based second language learning immersion environment in travel domains, an intelligent filtering/retrieval system, an ethics simulation environment, and a personal preference system in the movie domain. Much of this work is characterized by the goal of capturing relevant user information and using it to individualize the system's interaction with each of its users.

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2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards


33e Conférence canadienne sur l'intelligence artificielle

12-15 mai 2020, Ottawa, Ontario



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