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Ziad Kobti
Champ d'expertise principal
Intelligent Decision Support System
Champ d'expertise secondaire
Agent based modeling
Autres champs d'expertise
Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, Machine Learning
Note biographique
Dr. Ziad Kobti completed his doctorate (Ph.D.) in computer science in 2004 from Wayne State University, Michigan, USA, in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). He completed his Bachelor of Science, Honours degree (B.Sc.H.) majoring in Biological and Computer Sciences in 1996 followed by a Masters of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Computer Science both from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Ziad was a graduate of F.J. Brennan High School in Windsor (1992) with honours society distinction and a U of Windsor entrance scholarship.

Kobti, Ziad et al, Towards a 'Just-in-Time' Distributed Decision Support System in Health Care Research, Supporting Real Time Decision-Making, Vol. 13, Springer, 2011, Editor(s) - Burstein, Frada;Brézillon, Patrick; Zaslavsky, Arkady, Annals of Information Systems, 1st Edition, December, ISBN: 978-1-4419-7405-1.

Kobti, Ziad et al, Agent based Modeling and Simulation as a Tool for Decision Support for Managing Patient Falls in a Dynamic Hospital Setting, Decision Support, Vol. 14, Springer, 2011, Editor(s) - Schuff, D.; Paradice, D.; Burstein, F.; Power, D.J.; Sharda, R. (Eds.), Annals of Information Systems, 1st Edition, January, ISBN: 978-1-4419-6180-8.

Cockburn, Denton; Kobti, Ziad, Agent Specialization in Complex Social Swarms, Innovations in Swarm Intelligence, 77-89, 248, Springer, 2009, Editor(s) - Chee Peng Lim and Lakhmi C. Jain and Satchidananda Dehuri, Studies in Computational Intelligence, ISBN: 978-3-642-04224-9.

Timothy A. Kohler, C. David Johnson, Mark Varien, Scott Ortman, Robert Reynolds, Ziad Kobti, Jason Cowan, Kenneth Kolm, Schaun Smith, and Lorene Yap, Chapter 4:Settlement Ecodynamics in the Prehispanic Central Mesa Verde Region, Model-Based Archaeology of Socionatural Systems, 61-104, SAR Press, Santa Fe (School for Advanced Research on the Human Experience), 2007, Editor(s) - Timothy A. Kohler and Sander E. van der Leeuw.

Kobti, Ziad, Village Ecodynamics Exchange, Emergence and Collapse of Early Villages Models of Central Mesa Verde Archaeology, Chapter 11, University of California Press, 2012, Editor(s) - Timothy A. Kohler, Mark D. Varien.

Kobti, Ziad; Reynolds, Robert, G.; Kohler, Timothy, A, The emergence of social network hierarchy using cultural algorithms, The international journal on artificial intelligence tools, 15(6), 963-978, 2006,

Reynolds, Robert, G.; Kobti, Ziad; Kohler, Timothy, A.; Yap, Lorene, Unravelling ancient mysteries: re-imaging the past using evolutionary computation in a complex gaming environment, IEEE transactions on evolutionary computation, 707-720, 2005, December, Special issue on evolutionary computation and games.

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