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Portrait de rfalcon
Rafael Falcon
Champ d'expertise principal
Soft Computing
Champ d'expertise secondaire
Evolutionary Algorithms
Autres champs d'expertise
fuzzy systems; neural networks
Note biographique
n my early years as a researcher, I got introduced to the fascinating world of Computational Intelligence techniques, particularly to associative neural networks and their hybridization with case-based reasoning and fuzzy logic. My master's thesis was concerned with the development of NeuroEvaluator, a computational platform that analyzed several associative neural network models (and their parametric as well as feature definition configuration) and recommended the most suitable one for a given problem. I also investigated on rough sets and knowledge-based clustering, more specifically on collaborative fuzzy clustering and partially supervised rough clustering.

During my doctoral studies, I focused on the design and development of robot-assisted wireless sensor networks, an emergent research area stemming from the integration between wireless sensor networks and multi-robot systems. Several centralized and distributed algorithmic solutions were proposed to novel problems such as robot-assisted focused coverage (have mobile robots surround a geographical point of interest with multiple hexagonal layers of static sensors) and robot-assisted coverage repair (have mobile robots replace damaged sensors with passive, redundant ones already deployed in the monitoring field). A risk management framework was also put forth to account for a more realistic assessment of the damaged sensor nodes. I was able to apply Computational Intelligence techniques such as evolving fuzzy clustering, swarm intelligence and evolutionary optimization to the resolution of these challenges.

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