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Répertoire d'experts en IA au Canada

NameMain expertiseDetails
Kosseim, LeilaNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Kosseim, LeilaNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Langlais, PhilippeNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Lapalme, GuyNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Lenahan, BrianAI StrategyProfile
Leung, CarsonData MiningProfile
Levesque, HectorCognitive Robotics Profile
Leyton-Brown, KevinArtificial IntelligenceProfile
Lin, DekangNatural Language Processing Profile
Lugosch, LorenSpeech RecognitionProfile
Mackworth, AlanConstraint-Based agentProfile
Matwin, StanMachine LearningProfile
McCalla, GordAIProfile
McCrae, RichardMachine LearningProfile
McIlraith, SheilaKnowledge RepresentationProfile
Mercer, RobertKnowledge RepresentationProfile
Meurs, Marie-JeanArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Discovery, Semantic Web, Biocuration, Combinatorial OptimizationProfile
Milios, EvangelosVisual Text AnalyticsProfile
Mjhool, AhmedData MiningProfile
Mohammad Kazemi, FarhadMachine LearningProfile


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2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards

32nd Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence


28-31 May 2019, Kingston, Ontario

See you all in Ottawa next year!



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