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Répertoire d'experts en IA au Canada

NameMain expertiseDetails
Fedoruk, AlanMulti-Agent SystemsProfile
Fleming, MichaelMulti-Agent SystemsProfile
Gorodnichy, DmitryVideo AnalyticProfile
Goutte, CyrilNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Greenhill, Alexandrahealth techProfile
Hamilton, Howard J.Data MiningProfile
Hirst, GraemeNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Hoos, Holger H.Stochastic searchProfile
Horsch, MichaelAIProfile
Hutter, FrankMachine Learning Profile
Inkpen, DianaNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Jang, HyejuNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Japkowicz, NathalieMachine Learning for Defense and SecurityProfile
Jebali, AdelNatural language processingProfile
Jiang, Albert XinGame TheoryProfile
Kabanza, FrodualdBehaviour planningProfile
Keselj, VladoNatural Language ProcessingProfile
Kiritchenko, SvetlanaMachine LearningProfile
Kiryakova, SlavenaMarketing Research and AnalyticsProfile
Kobti, ZiadIntelligent Decision Support SystemProfile


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2013 AI Doctoral and MSC thesis awards

32nd Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence


28-31 May 2019, Kingston, Ontario

See you all in Ottawa next year!



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