Dr. Xin Wang

Dr. Xin Wang has been an active proponent of the CAIAC community for close to two decades and has played important service roles that have made the Canadian AI community lively, active and thriving throughout the years. Dr. Wang has been an active member of the community since 2005 during her time as a PhD student and has remained a loyal and supportive member of the community throughout her career. She is now a Full Professor at the University of Calgary and remains an avid advocate and a tireless contributor to the Canadian AI community.

Dr. Wang served as an Executive Member and the Treasurer of the Canadian AI Association (2015-2021) where she served as the financial liaison between the CAIAC and its various sponsors and the General Chairs of many AI/CRV/GI conferences. During her time as an executive member, she has extensively promoted the CAIAC community to the Canadian industry, bridged Canadian industry with academic researchers, and helped attract industry sponsors to the annual conferences. When serving as an executive member, she organized CAIAC’s Dissertation Award committees and conducted interviews for CAIAC Herald on several occasions. Having completed her term as Treasurer, she has made sure that all financial matters of the association are in sound and that her successor was in the best position to take over her role by providing sufficient guidance and support, as needed.

Beyond CAIAC, Dr. Wang has also contributed extensively to the broader AI community. She has served as a regular Technical Program Committee member of over 70 AI and Data Science conferences, including Canadian AI since 2010 and IJCAI since 2020. She has also chaired international conferences and workshops and award committees in these areas. In addition, she has been a member of the Editorial Board for the Computational Intelligence journal, which has always been edited from Canada, and also served as Associate Editor of International Journal of Data Science and Analytics.

Dr. Wang has been an active proponent of advancing Women in AI, especially those in their early stages of their career. She has graciously devoted her time and resources to promote Women in Engineering and especially in AI. Most recently, Prof Wang served as the keynote speaker at the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference in 2018 and 2019 and AI4Youth Canada Conference in 2019.

In recognition of Dr. Xin Wang's contributions to the Canadian AI scene, CAIAC is delighted to award her the 2023 Distinguished Service Award.