Dr. John Mylopoulos

Dr. John Mylopoulos received his BEng degree from Brown University in 1966 and his PhD degree from Princeton in 1970.  The same year, he joined the University of Toronto where he stayed for 39 years.  Since retirement, Dr. Mylopoulos has held positions at the University of Trento and the University of Ottawa.

Dr. John Mylopoulos is the founder of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) group at the University of Toronto which is internationally recognized as an AI powerhouse. He is the first and most influential researcher to have made lasting and deep contributions to three separate fields: AI, Databases (DB), and Software Engineering (SE). He pioneered the use of conceptual modeling and knowledge representation within these fields and rose to prominence with his work on the TAXIS language which is widely considered a precursor to languages such as UML.

In 1992, Dr. Mylopoulos received the first Outstanding Service Award given by the Canadian AI Society (now known as CAIAC), he is a fellow of the AAAI,  the ER Foundation and the Royal Society of Canada.  He holds an honorary doctorate from RWTH Aachen and is the recipient of the Peter C. Chen Award, the highest honor in Conceptual Modeling research. Mylopoulos is an unsurpassed mentor. He has created a legacy of students in AI, DB and SE, including some who have themselves received CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Awards, Fellowships of the Royal Society of Canada, ACM Fellowships and Tier I Canada Research Chair appointments, just to name a few.

For his lifetime contribution to the field of AI, CAIAC is delighted to award Dr. John Mylopoulos the 2021 CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award.